Time : Thursday -
RJ : Rajan Ghimire


HITMIX is a countdown based program containing top 3 hits songs of the week from 4 different categories. Those categories are Nepali pop, Nepali Film, Hindi Pop & Hindi Film. Most of the people tune radio for the latest hit in the market. And HITMIX is the perfect combination to fulfill the demand of those listener groups. HITMIX is prepared on the basis of other countdown of the station. HITMIX includes information related to those hit numbers. Hence HITMIX is a mixed mode program containing all the hit songs of the week with relevant information.



Type: Countdown based

Language Spoken/Hosted: Bilingual

Time Slot: Thursday 10-11 am

Music played: Top 3-3 Nepali Pop, Film, Hindi Pop, Film



HITMIX is the collection of various type of music. Thus it targets variety group of listeners such as drivers, shopkeepers, housewives. Since HITMIX is musical program with little gossips, such program has been found tuned most. Morning 10-11 am period is one of the time slots where variety group of listeners tune radio among which most of them tends for quality and hit music which they can get from HITMIX.



  • To inform the listeners about the latest hit in the market from 4 different category.
  • To entertain the listeners listener with the best music mix of recent time.
  • To provide information about variety music field included in the program.




HITMIX has covered very wide group of listeners due to its mixed musical nature. The variety music played in the program with their relevant information in the program has been appreciated by most of the people. HITMIX has its own identity among the listeners group. A single program including all the three hit numbers from different types is the main feature of HITMIX.

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  • Pos Title Movie
    1 Ma Ta Timrai Hoon
    2 Ghintang Ghintng... Lukamari
    3 Timro Picture Hit Kismat2
    4 Purba Pashchim Raii Chhaka Panja
    5 Muskaan Chapali Height
  • Pos Title Artist
    1 Dhoka Dine Nirmohi Karma Gyalchen...
    2 Chitta Yo MERO Ira Neupane
    3 Bato Birayeko Yatri Karna Das
    4 Thaha Chaina Prem Sen
    5 Sundartakhai Khani R.C Rimal
  • Pos Title Artist
    2 Timi Hau Amrit Chettri
    3 Maya Malai Dherai Melina Rai
    3 Asha Ajhai The Unity
    3 EK Palta Indira Joshi
  • Pos Title Artist
    1 Saili Hemanta Rana
    2 Allare Deepak Bajracharya
    3 I love you too Kamal K Chhetri
    4 Hamro Nepal Ma Almoda Rana Uprety
    5 Allare Shiva Pariyar
  • Pos Title Artist
    1 This Is wHAT yOU... Calvin Harris
    2 Cant Stop The... First Listen
    3 Drake One Dance
    4 No Money Galantis
    5 Into You Ariana Grande
  • Pos Title Movie
    1 Pyar Ki Housefull
    2 Ijazat One Night Stand
    3 Bol Do Nah Azhar
    4 Fursat
    5 Crazy Dil
  • Pos Title Artist
    0 Hey Barai Deepak Sharma
    1 Darkhaast Arjit...
    2 Nashe Si Chadh Gayi Arjit Singh
    3 Love You Zindagi Amit Trivedi
    4 Kahin Na Kahin Papon