Time : Saturday - 10:00
RJ : Niranjan Thapa


By the name of program itself, Walkie Talkie is a field based program in which live participation of people plays a vital role. Every week a happening place is chosen for the conduction of the program through where program is conducted live from mobile phone. The major content of the program is the informal interviews with the people on the site. Such interview or talking are based on the program venue in order to promote the place. Basically happening event venues are chosen for the program if there’s available if not it is conducted from the major happening outlets inside as well as outside the valley. Such outlets are basically such places which are in search of promotion and people can have fun their weekend by visiting the place.



Language Spoken/Hosted: Nepali

Type: Field based interaction program

Time Slot: Saturday 10-11 am

Music played: Nepali Remix

Esp. Attraction: The major attraction of Walkie Talkie is the lively environment that one can get through this program and the informal gossips with the people.




Walkie Talkie targets those listeners group who wants to have a live entertainment in their beautiful weekend morning. Basically Walkie Talkie doesn't focus any particular age group listeners but it has been found students of school, colleges and few jobholders have major interests in this program.


  • The main target of this program is to provide a live entertainment to the listeners since the program format is different from other programs.
  • To give the weekend a beautiful start in the morning time.
  • To give information about the event on that particular day.
  • To promote internal tourism industry.
  • To give information about various places which have its own aesthetic value




Mentioning about the achievements of Walkie Talkie, its the program which has made an unique impact on the listeners once again regarding the variety program concept of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz. This is field based program comprising information about happening event in the valley with interesting gossips with the people.

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