Time : Saturday -
RJ : Rajan Ghimire


The program Ctrl+C is basically a musical game show where listeners can enjoy listening various kind of music and they can participate in the program through phone call where they've to guess a copied song. The songs played Ctrl+C are mostly Remixed, Remake and Revocalled Songs as well as the program begins with a song of any language which sounds same like another song of the same or another language. In short, the song played at first as a Ctrl+C is an original song and the listeners have to call guessing the Ctrl+V song, which has been copied from the original one. It’s a game guessing the right Ctrl+V song after the listening the Ctrl+C song and one guessing the right answer is awarded by gift hampers.


Language Spoken/Hosted: Bilingual [Nepali and English]

Type: Musical Game Show

Music Played: Music are played of various type, Language according to the need of program, songs of any language i.e. Nepali, Hindi, English, Nepal Bhasa etc. [according to the need of program].

Esp. Attraction: Ctrl+C is one of the programs of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz which has its own unique identity. The subject matter of this program is completely different from matter of any other programs. This is the first time that program like Ctrl+C has been launched.

Time Slot: Friday 7-8pm



We can say that Ctrl+C is more concentrated towards the youth as, maximum number of youth are attracted towards the music. In the present context most of the old as well as new songs are being remixed. So, those people who want to listen original songs along with its remixed version can entertain Ctrl+C. Moreover, music never belongs to certain age groups, as it has become the essential for everyone i.e. children, youth, adult and the old ones. Finally we can conclude saying that not only youth but also child, adult and aged people can entertain this program. We can proudly announce that Ctrl+C has collected listeners from various age groups since the participation of the listeners in this program through phone calls are of various age groups.



  • As we've already mentioned that most of the songs are remixed world widely and those remixed songs are being popular within a short span of time as well. So, the main objective of Ctrl+C is to make people know about the original songs and their remixed one. Most of the people might get confused listening remixed songs only. They might feel uneasy to find out the original songs. On this basis the concept of Ctrl+C has been developed which is being successful to solve this problem. Further more, Ctrl+C gives information about remixed, revocalled and remake songs as well as the question song or Ctrl+C song reveals about another song which has been copied or which sounds like the question or Ctrl+C song and the listeners have to call guessing the Ctrl+V song. Ctrl+C is also a hook to nepali music professional to copy the music since many music professional are acquainted about the program.




More than 200 episodes of Ctrl+C have been conducted and the response of the listeners for the program is very much positive and amazing. In this long duration it has been one of the most entertaining programs of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz. And it can be expected that Ctrl+C will have great influence on most of FM listeners of Kathmandu since true taste of healthy entertainment is one of the main factor of this program which is one of the major need of every FM listener.

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