TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is one of the leading FM station in Kathmandu Valley operated by Valley FM Pvt. Ltd. located at Chabahil Ganesthan, Kathmandu at the Height of 1368 meter which is comparatively higher than other stations. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is inclined towards the variety and diversified FM program production. It generally produces the program which is currently in demand by the FM listeners through the wide concept of programming. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz posses the resources and all the credentials to respond to its listeners need.


With the motive of Quality Program Production and a proper channel for any business promotion, TIMES FM 90.6 MHz was established on 2060 B.S. From its establishment period, TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has been successful to create its own listener’s group through its different concepts of programming. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz suppose that the market should be created rather than hunted from its initiation period.

our goals

  • To create an image of perfect channel of infotainment for the society
  • To become the best channel for better business promotion
  • To direct the society and nation on the progressive pathway.
  • Quality Program Production