Our Team

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is an organization operated by the group of young & enthusiastic entrepreneurs. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz believes that thousand heads are better than one head since media is the field of diversification. Variety in attitude & behavior tends for the creation of variety programming concept. Group of around 40 staffs have evolved their ideas & concepts for the programming through which program of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz have created its unique image among the listeners. Contrasting behavior & thoughts among the own team has supported to generalize the taste & preference of listeners.

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz always entertain the fresher in its team. Periodic recruitment and training is conducted time to time to scan the new trend of FM Market for the new evolving concept & interacting new trend of FM market. A successful media house should be potential to interact with the challenges and recently introduced media trends and TIMES FM 90.6 MHz team posses all those essential capabilities.