Our Target Group

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has classified its listener group on the basis of different subjects or topics in different time slot. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz targets a particular group of listener for a specific time slot rather than dividing them into various groups. Such division of group is done on the basis of different category. Sometimes those categories can be age factor, sometimes it can be gender, sometimes it can be the occupation, sometime it can be the living standard of listeners etc. Hence we can conclude that TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has broaden its listener group or identifies its targeted group according to the time slot of the programs. While defining the targeted group of particular slot the potential listener group for that particular time slot is identified first. Then after the programs of competitor FM stations has been evaluated in order to sort-out major group of listener for which program can be produced. While scheduling the program for particular timeslot, it is assumed that the listeners’ perception or behavior or tuning radio is similar for all the weekdays except the weekend. Hence TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has produced the weekly programs targeting those regular scheduled listeners.

5-6 am
Morning College Students

6-7:30 am
30+ age group people

7:30- 9 am
Professionals, matured people

9-10 am
Vehicles, Rural Listener, Labors

10-11 am
Shopkeepers, Free time Holders, Feminine

11-12 am
Housewives, Feminine group

12-1 pm
Students, Factory Workers

1-2 pm

2-4 pm
Daytime Listeners

4-5 pm
Students, other daytime listeners

5-6 pm
Vehicles, Housewives

6-7 pm
Students, Vehicles

7-8 pm
Family Group

8-9 pm
Office Holder

9-10 pm
all the feasible group of listeners

Newari Community

While certifying those targeted groups TIMES FM 90.6 MHz generally focuses or generates the idea of radio tuning behavior & life schedule of particular group, in order to produce a program focusing those group for maximum responsiveness. Demographically TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is tuned by different group of people in different time schedule. To illustrate this fact we can talk about Pop Nepal, morning 5-6 am weekday program which has been targeted towards morning college students and has been potential to make a successful attempt. Besides this program has been appreciated by various other group also who used to tune FM in the morning. Another successful attempt to create its branded image among the matured & professional group is weekday morning 7:30-8 am program-Bihani Chintan. The content and concept of the program is generally the concerned subjects of those targeted group rather than any other group. In conclusion, TIMES FM 90.6 MHz targeted group is wide based on the everyday schedule & feasibility of various groups.