Our Credentials

The essence of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is its unique credentials, it posses in variety of sectors.

Variety Programming Strategy

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has established its image as a diversified programming station in the nation. “Quality Program Production” has been a central goal of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz which enhances a balance relationship with the listeners demand and the market. Different unique programming concept has been appreciated. Modules of the programs have been differentiated with each other in various time slots. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz pioneered the FM industry by introducing the non-stop programs, daily program formats & other unique programming concept. The traditional concept of programming has been abandoned by TIMES FM 90.6 MHz. It has been observed that a single FM station includes every sorts or formats of the programs. The concept of specialization has been practiced by few FM stations of valley only. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has introduced the concept of Target Group Division focusing the usual listeners behavior. During its daily 19 hours transmission period, TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has grouped its listeners according to the time slot which has been a major criterion for program production. Listeners’ preference of tuning radio has been also changed along with the time interval.

It has been observed that radio (FM) is basically tuned for entertainment and news. The definition of entertainment has been also transformed. Listeners generally expect the airplay of quality music and a unique programming formats. On the other hand listeners tune radio for latest news update. Hence we can conclude that there are two major streams of radio programming and TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has been successful to build its status as pure entertainment channel with quality music broadcasting including advocacy based programs in the morning break. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz believes that there’s generally similar group of listener during one individual time slot whether its Sunday morning 5-6 am or Monday 5-6 am. The general radio listening behavior & schedule of people is similar everyday except Saturday. Realizing this fact, TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has produced its program of a similar format in a particular time slot in all the weekdays targeting a specific group of listeners of that particulars time slot.

Illustration : TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has targeted the morning college students listeners group at morning 5-6 am and has been broadcasting program POP NEPAL (musical program playing non-stop nepali pop numbers). And it has been appreciated not only by the targeted group but also other group of listeners as well.

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz uses its own presentation style different from others which enables TIMES FM 90.6 MHz to create a unique identification. The major concentration in a program is given to the presentation style of the presenter whether it is entertained by the listeners or not. The use of the language either Nepali or English in a bilingual program should be authentic. Any types of controversial subject matters which have not been supported by the society or unfavorable to society well-being are not entertained in programs. Good command on voice with clarity and knowledgeable personality is the basic feature required in a program presenter. A single program is a proper package for the listeners containing all the essential information.

Evaluation of the Program:
Periodic evaluation of the program is done to check the quality of the program. Response of the listeners in variety program and market survey is the basic medium for evaluation. The off air conversation with the listener in phone regarding the response and quality of program has been a major guideline or tools for betterment. Regular feedback of the listeners has been another important tool of analyzing the level of the program. Monitoring the programs has been supportive for the evaluation of programs. Sponsorship feedback regarding sponsoring programs has been also another tool for the measurement of the success of program. Another useful tool in practice for the evaluation of the program is RADAR [Radio All Dimension Audience Research] which is done on the basis of telephone communication with the listeners and collecting their feedbacks for the programs which has been successful to direct the station program production in the favor listeners acceptance.

Software Management System

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has the abundant resources of music software of various genre type. Proper DBMS (Database Management System) has been introduced for the facilitation of quick access of any music software and relevant information. Broadcasting the latest music software is one of the major challenge of software management department as well as it also checks the airplay of every types and time intervals music from classical hits to latest hits in order to keep listener in touch with their all time favorite music. Airplay of quality music and all time hits favorite music of listener is the major concern of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz

Advanced Technical System

Another figured characteristics of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is its advanced technical aspect. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has adopted DAW Technology (Domestic Audio Workstation) for its best technical assistance. The equipments used for broadcasting are of best quality for the best audio output. The experimental sound tracking has been appreciated by the listeners. System has been configured in a way to enhance fine tuning for the listener and simple & convenient operation for the technicians. New methods of airing different sound have been practiced time to time in order to make programs more fascinating. High altitude location of the station more than 1300 m height has accessed the transmission of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz in a very wide range.

Strategic Marketing Policies

Since TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is a media which imposes the capacity of marketing the services of others, it needs its own marketing strategy and policies to exist in this competitive market. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has been always concerned regarding its brand image on the market. The promotional activities carried by it time to time have been successful to construct its recognition and corporate image in the market. Various types of strategic marketing policies offered by TIMES FM 90.6 MHz for the promotion of many business has been one the successful impact of TIMES FM 90.6 MHz. Seasonal schemes operated by it time to time has benefited many business houses. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz believes marketing as the establishment of business relation whether it is in terms of monetary factor or in kind or non-monetary factor. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz develops relation as business associates with its marketing clients rather than sponsors.

The traditional concept of marketing has not been so much entertained by TIMES FM 90.6 MHz i.e. sponsorship of any one running program. Marketing is the way through which both the parties can be benefited from the either sides. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz believes that marketing is providing the best alternative to its clients for its publicity for positive response. A business organization always has one expectation to fulfill. But the real output of it may vary with its expectation due to which there exist a gap and TIMES FM 90.6 MHz aims to minimize the gap through the means of promotion. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has been successful to generate various polices and strategies for promoting variety of services & products. Likewise the program scheduling according to the time slot with a specific target group, TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has scheduled its probable markets tallying with its specific targeted group.