Our Involvement

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz make its participation is various programs in order to support the community activities which may belong to particular age group, professional, group or class etc. Such type of involvement assists to communicate TIMES FM 90.6 MHz directly with particular group. In todays competitive market reputed corporate image of organization is the ultimate goal of any organization and no media business is possible to create its quality corporate image with its quality services to its costumers only. Besides enrollment in different activities plays vital role constructing successful corporate brand status of any media business. TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has been also enrolled in various activities realizing the facts.

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has organized various events and programs in the past such as:

  • Dabali – Singing Competition
  • Vibrations – All Nepal Band Competition
  • Periodic training programs regarding FM Industry

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has supported various other programs as well:

  • CAN Infotech (CAN)
  • Mr. Nepal 2003 & 2005 (Fashion Link)
  • Mr. & Miss Lalitpur 2060 & 2061 (Everest Culture Academy)
  • Miss International 2005(Casail Group)
  • Nhuda Rally (Gaurav Lyaymha Pucha)
  • Party ko chardham (Our Nepal.com)
  • Mega Live Concert (Taal Music)
  • Tri-chandra College Book Fair (Tri – Chandra Campus)
  • RAP Fever [International Music Society]
  • Soothing Saturday with Sur-Sudha [International Music Society]
  • Miss Teen Gurung 2006[A&H Business House]
  • Miss Newa 2006 [Nepalese Fashion House]
  • Miss University Nepal 2006 [Excel Business Link]

Besides TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has made its participation in various other programs such as musical concerts, occasional parties, educational fair, competitions, social activities etc.) As a consequence of all these numerous activities TIMES FM 90.6 MHz has been successful to construct its leading media image among the people & market. Periodic Involvement in various activities has supported TIMES FM 90.6 MHz to make its craze in various class, group, community level etc.